Trembles Nürburgring: Koenigsegg seeks to pilot to beat records with the One:1

a little more than a year were imposed speed limits on the Nürburgring, after an unfortunate accident in competition. These speed limits have been raised recently, and the Green Hell becomes the same magical land without restrictions that always was. Koenigsegg was ready for a record attempt at the Nürburgring when the restrictions went into effect. Now return to the depths of Germany to to destroy the cronus with an impressive One:1. But they need a pilot.

to Achieve excellent lap time on the Nürburgring is no easy task. Not only does the lack of a perfect control and knowledge of what is able to the car that has between hands, you also need to a very long in which is considered to be the path most complicated part of the planet. The usual tester of Koenigsegg – Robert Serwanski – will not be the one who gets behind the wheel of the supercar of 1.360 HP to set a lap time blazing: does not have the necessary experience at the Nordschleife.

koenigsegg-one-1-170615-00The small Swedish manufacturer has not communicated what the rider will be the one finally chosen, but yes they have announced that will return imminently to the Nürburgring to start the “training” of the pilot with the Koenigsegg One:1. It’s not a car easy to pilot: remember that it is a car whose power end is a megawatt, with a ratio of power-to-weight of 1 kg/CV. Has a performance which is absolutely stunning, and in fact, has to his credit the world record for 0-300-0 km/h, a move completed in 17,95 seconds.

Already broke records for production cars at Spa-Francorchamps, and Christian von Koenigsegg trust to lose seven minutes in the circuit of the world’s toughest. Currently, the record for production cars is 6 minutes and 48 seconds, in the possession of a Radical SR8LM practically a single-seater competition enrolled. Porsche managed a time of 6 minutes and 57 seconds with the 918 Spyder. Having already demonstrated the credentials for your machine, I think Koenigsegg could beat these records with the One:1.

Are supported bets. What time will Koenigsegg? The record is not going to happen until maybe in a few months, but the preparations have already begun.

Source: Koenigsegg Blog
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