Truck Garage renews the GAZ 69 with a V8 engine of 465 HP

Truck Garage transformed to the GAZ 69 in a little demon with a V8 engine of 465 horsepower. There will also be versions with the body type cabrio, a convertible textile retractable.

Truck-Garage-GAZ-69-1Lcompany tuning Russian Truck Garage performed a work on the classic truck GAZ 69, which received a complete renovation that included a powerful V8 engine. The boys plan to make 12 unique copies of the so-called ‘mountain goat’ in Russian.

however, at the moment there is a single complete unit, which in addition to the mechanical modifications, he had some improvements to be stylistic. However what is more important is what happens under the hood, as he won a new engine Hemi V8 of 6.4 liters displacement, with a power of 465 horsepower, which sends all its power to all four wheels through an automatic transmission and a system of all-wheel-drive.

Other mechanical enhancements are related to the incorporation of a rear differential ARB, adjustable shocks, better brakes with discs Teraflex for the four wheels and a new alloy wheels of 17 inches.

Where also improvements have been made in the passenger compartment, which if well maintained their appearance of classic style, won improvements at a technological level. Among these improvements are a sound system that if well maintained a look of old-style, wins a technology upgrade that gives you connectivity with Apple products and Bluetooth link. In addition, you win upholstery leather seating with electrical regulation, among others.

The 11 remaining units will be varied. Some of them offer even with a hood textile retractable, while others have a hard top traditional. At the mechanistic level there will be variations, as it will be offered with block 5.7-liter or 6.1 liters per in the front. Your price will be nothing accessible, that they would around 53,000 €.