Truck Tesla: a video reveals more details of their final look and the sound of their 1.032 HP electric

orders truck Tesla do not stop growing, since by December the total sum of reserves amounted to 1,200 units despite the fact that the signal for getting one is $ 20,000, a few 16.320 euros at the current exchange rate. Given the success that they are having, now Tesla has to put the batteries for to meet the demand and not fall into the manufacturing issues that you had with the Model 3.

The truck that you can see in the next video is one of the units that shows the advances that the company is doing american in the development of your “semi”. Apart from the press images, the only glimpse that we were able to take the truck from Tesla he was with some conditions of lighting quite dark in the presentation that took place in November. In these images spy taken by a youtuber can be see how it is evolving thanks to the mild camouflage that provides you with the matt black paint. In addition, thanks to the rush that gives the driver test, you can hear the sound of its four engines with a total of 1.032 HP, very electrical that are…

Video of the truck of Tesla

What is certain is that this video posted by Brandon Camargo is fairly short, the truck was moving pretty fast, but you can see the changes that are suffering to become a production unit approved. Despite the fact that it maintains its aspect revolutionary and futuristic, you can see the big mirrors that didn’t have at launch. Something mandatory in USA and in european countries such as Spain.

futuristic-Looking but subject to the law of

The inclusion of mirrors is interesting because, as he described his cabin, was going to have a cameras that meet this function, to avoid the penalty aerodynamics are the mirrors. Although this does not imply that they are going to lose this functionality, if that gives the sign that, at least up to now, the legislation US agrees to bring regardless of the technologies that can replace them. Will have to see if later, give a twist to the laws to remove the mirrors, as did Germany, with the obligation of carrying the hands on the steering wheel, to facilitate the conduct semi-autonomous Audi A8 and soon to be offered by Mercedes in its Class S.

The Truck Tesla promises all kinds of systems so that the driver can visualize what happens around of the tractor unit and the trailer. In addition, Tesla announced a few autonomies amazing for your battery, considering that they have that drag up to 36 tons. Maximum weight allowed for this kind of trucks in their country of origin.

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