Trumpchi, the new brand of cars Guangzhou Auto

Trumpchi GE3

The chinese do not cease to amaze in their quest to grow and monopolize the sector of the car world. In the asian country there are more than one hundred brands of cars but it seems that they still have room for more and more brands. Now, in the heat of the Auto Show in Detroit Guangzhou Auto surprises us with the creation of Trumpchi, its new global brand to make the jump to the american market.

The picture that emerges from in the world chinese manufacturers is rather poor and if you want to get to the other foreign countries have of ending it. To do this, or spend huge amounts of money or begin with a new identity. Because this second option is that have decided to take on the firm and shows lead us to their booth several prototypes that break with what they were selling until now in China.

Trumpchi GS8

Trumpchi GE3, GS7 and EnSpirit bring us closer to what will be the products that this firm wants to take the united States. As we can see are cars with a much more design achieved that have been selling up to now in China, but for the american consumer they enter by the eyes have to offer many more things that a price content.

The three models that Trumpchi has led to Detroit are SUVS, although each with a different style. The GE3 is an SUV electric that would allow his driver to travel about 320 miles between refills. As reported by the firm, the price that you might have would be very tight in order to distinguish yourself from the competition.

The Trumpchi GS7 is a whole road with a more normal appearance when compared with the GE3. size is larger as well as its interior space for five occupants. To finish, EnSpirit, has a design that blends the lines of a sedan coupe, a SUV and a convertible. Its specifications speak of a plug-in hybrid although by his condition of concept will have to wait for the evolution that gives you the brand.

These models would reach the american market with the promise that the brand build a research center and development in united States. The firm has reported that when they are ready the project will make public because in these times are ending.

To conclude, it is worth mentioning that neither Trumpchi or , Guangzhou Auto have a solid structure in the united States by what they will to spend a lot of money and time in making their products attractive and accessible to customers. Will have to see if Donald Trump (Trumpchi) is in agreement that the chinese arrive in the country, and gives them his blessing.

Source – Trumpchi