Try a Ford Focus RS as a journalist will not make you free of a good fine

When my friends and acquaintances see me trying out a sport, machines that sometimes take just 4 seconds to accelerate from standstill up to speeds that would involve the withdrawal from various points of id, one of the questions that I usually do is the following: if you are hunting a radar, who pays the fine? Obviously those of us dedicated to test cars do not have a card to get out of jail, as in Monopoly, nor a license to exceed the speed limits, or break the rules of the road. That is the reason why we try to test some sporting circuit, in a few controlled situations that allow us to squeeze the performance of a car by minimizing risks (which always exist), and legal form. And that is the reason why not to do it, and try to squeeze a sports outside the circuits, you can happen as to Jalopnik these days with a Ford Focus RS in Valencia. The Guardia Civil stop you and you to prescribe a prescription.

in these days, is presenting the new Ford Focus RS at Valencia, and we will be there to prove it.

in these days, is presenting the new Ford Focus RS, in Valencia, in a series of presentations to the international press that the brand opted for carry out in our country. My buddy Sergio is already preparing the suitcase to go these days to the city of the Turia and enjoy this machine (and give a lot of envy to the rest of the team motor).

last week took place the evidence for the group of journalists from the united States, and among them were Petrany and Caswell, Jalopnik and Road & Track respectively. A car of the Guardia Civil which was to warn of an accident of a motorbike, and a curve too fast by stepping on the continuous line would cost 100€ to the tester Jalopnik. 100€ that he had to pay in situ, as a driver overseas. Remember, this is a usual practice to drivers of foreign, and especially of the countries not belonging to the European Union. A practice that attempts to avoid the penalties go unpunished by the lack of coordination between states and security services.

finally remember that although we would like to negotiate clauses into our contracts that allow us to get rid of the traffic tickets, which ethically would be reprehensible, we could not do it. The introduction of the points driving license made all those punishments up to that time could be resolved with a certain sum of money, now also would carry the points of the card. That is why all violations that occur on the road involve the identification of the driver, although the penalty out processed by a fixed radar. If the legal guardian, the name of which is registered the car, did not identify the offender, you will face a penalty even greater.

That is the reason why every car you tested is registered to a tester motor and by which, even in presentations like this of the Ford Focus RS, “we signed”, and we identify before you start the route with the car.

And that is also the reason why we test cars you can’t get rid of the fines that we impose in the exercise of our work.

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