Tuesday party for Mercedes

After the success of the seasons of 1954 and 1955, Mercedes returned to dominate Formula 1 with his third victory in a row, both in the constructors championship, as in the pilots. 15 victories, 28 podiums, 16 pole positions and 10 fastest laps is the loot of a team that has managed to lead more than 80% of the laps of the race. All this certainly deserves a celebration and that is what they have done, all members of the star team at their respective headquarters in Brackley and Brixworth.

Toto Wolff has been the main link that has kept the team cohesive in the multiple moments of tension that have lived throughout these three years, also allowing their drivers to compete unhindered for the good of the show. The leader of the austrian wanted to have words of thanks for all members Mercedes AMG F1.

“It’s a great achievement what we have done in these three years. I met with Ross Brawn for a few weeks. We had coffee and he told me that it is a source of pride in this organization is that we could have easily lowered the arms, but all together, we kept up in these three years”.

“it Is a great honor to work with all of you. From Paddy (Lowe) and Andy (Cowell), who have driven us both intellectually, to our pilots, who are a very important part of our success, or the hundreds of people who contribute every day to create the tools and resources they need to succeed”.

“I’ve said It before and I still believe that we have the best pair of pilots of the Formula 1 and the best team behind them at all times. why we are who we are? The only reason is that we have 1,500 of reasons. There are 1,500 people here in Brixworth and Brackley who have made this dream a reality, thanks to each and every one of them for being a part of this story”.