Tukmenistán banned from driving, women and cars black in color

While driving your Bugatti Veyron green, the president of Tukmenistan has time to think about some of the unusual measurements about the world of the automobile in your country.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov is the one who presides over the Republic of Turkmenistan since the year 2006 and as a good dictator has a habit of make decisions according to their personal tastes, which of course just having an effect on all the people of your country.

a few days Ago Berdymukhammedov took the arbitrary measure of to ban the sale of cars painted black and not only its marketing, as the owners of black cars will be required to paint them a different color.

Surely you are wondering which has been the reason of this strange custom. The answer is simply that Berdymukhammedov is superstitious and believes that the white cars bring good luck and on the contrary black people bring bad luck.

So the unlucky owners of a car black you have had breakfast with the news that their cars have been brought to deposits state, by his position without his consent and to achieve removal should first paint them another color.

Already in 2015 had begun, problems with the black cars in Tukmenistan, when they decided that it was time to prohibit the importation of vehicles of that color. Is that the president has a predilection for the color white that led him even to propose to cover the capital of the country entirely in white marble.

But the hardships of the drivers of this country do not end there, as the president has taken a second measure arbitrary. Berdymukhammedov has decided to prohibit the driving of automobiles to women, claiming that they are the ones who cause most of the traffic accidents.

The police began to act immediately, to arrest the women who drove vehicles, take away the driving license and seizing their vehicles.

Surely these must be sor the less serious problems that the inhabitants of Tukmenistan must be living under one of the regimes more oppressive in the world, but it’s amazing that something like that happening in some parts of the world.