Tuning behind the iron curtain: such were the preparations most extreme of the USSR in 1987

the year was 1987, and while in the west the hairstyles type mullet and rock of hair on the chest succeeded, the USSR was still a country isolated in its communist regime. The progressive opening of the USSR to the world during the 80’s led to a certain influx of western culture, perhaps more permeable in soviet republics that are close to Europe. What is certain is that the USSR had a lot of population with technical training and enough free time. And we already know well the passion for the automobile knows no borders or politics.

apparently, since the year 1963 was celebrated concentrations of cars prepared in Moscow.

Many soviets were turners, milling, tinkerers, engineers, or mechanics. Although their resources were very limited and their cars in the best of cases, were old Lada or Volga, many apañaban to give them a personal touch. Not had workshops of tuning, and the competition was frowned on to be considered a vice of a capitalist. Therefore, they were alone: all preparations were homemade. And some of them are the live example of such an appellant, “the need sharpens the wit”.


Many cars were completely unrecognizable. Although its base was a simple Lada 2104, seemed to be sports of european origin, whose inspiration was possibly some cropping, the magazine lost. Others were authentic inventions, for example amphibious car or a kind of motorhome primitive. All images correspond to the annual meeting of cars tuning of Bryansk, a city located 380 km southwest of Moscow. Have been published by the blogger Andrey Chudakov, and the website English Russia echoed the same.

tuning-urss-1987-6Just a few “wackos” were preparing their cars so extreme – very few people owned a car – and perhaps they are the same ones that now occupy positions of responsibility in the automotive industry of Russia. According to the works of that one then, imagination is not missing. A series of images worthy of admiration.

Source: English Russia
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