Tuning: The Mazda MX-5 more aggressive and is the work of TRA Kyoto


The fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 has maintained the qualities that have allowed this model to become the best selling roadster in the world: a large dose of fun behind the wheel priced content. Enough reasons for ourselves we have awarded the prize for the Best Convertible of the Year 2015.

But there is always someone that is waiting for a more aggressive in their design to make heads turn wherever it happens. For them comes this spectacular preparation of the specialist japanese TRA Kyoto that makes the Miata in an impressive frame that could participate in the video game Need for Speed or in the series of movies Fast and Furious.


The first thing that catches the attention of this MX-5 is its width, markedly increased thanks to a body kit that shows you a few bulging wheel arches. Of course, the pathways have grown and it has turned to a new alloy wheels aspect racing and six spokes, with tires of larger size. In the running gear of the Mazda two-seater has also added a new braking system is improved.

bumper original is maintained but added a splitter in the front and a diffuser at the back, united visually by a new side apron to match. With this the MX-5 is more close to the ground and will oblige the driver to be attentive to all the speed humps that you find by the way.


TRA Kyoto has also added an arc of security on the interior of the japanese sports, an exhaust system with a single output located in the central part and a huge rear spoiler. Other modifications include a new seat backet, ideal for those who are going to participate regularly in batches of circuit.

The preparer makes no reference to if changes have been made mechanical. It is hoped that this may be so, and in a way that increase the power considerably to do justice to its aggressive image. With a higher dose of vitamins and this brutal aspect, this could be the MX-5 the definitive.