Turbo engine for the Suzuki Swift Sport next generation

In its next generation, the Suzuki Swift Sport will make the change to a turbo engine. It will be a unit of 1.4 liters, which will replace the 1.6 kw used at present.

Suzuki-Swift-Sport-1La new generation of the Suzuki Swift is on its way and little by little they get to know more details. A while ago we met the first photographs after having been filtering through the internet and now some data about the sport variant are the ones that have begun to emerge.

Ensure that and new Suzuki Swift Sport will leave of side the 1.6-litre engine naturally aspirated, in favor of the Boosterjet 1.4-liter that is also used in the Vitara. With a power of around 140 HP, the new Swift Sport should keep the qualities of the current model, and it could even be benefited by a reduction of weight, which could place it under the 1,000 kg

however, it is expected that the Boosterjet receive any special production, not very drastic, surely, but that will probably raise your power a little beyond the 140 HP that are offered on the Vitara. The adoption of the turbo engine also will result in a higher torque and a improved fuel economy, so not many will miss the naturally aspirated engine.

In regards to the regular versions of the Swift, the first leaked images allowed to know some details of the bodywork, that maintains the proportions of the current model, by renewing its design, without losing their main qualities. For the interior the changes are expected to be focused on improve the quality, with the best materials and equipment.

versions more simple, Swift will make use of a turbo engine has three cylinders and 1.0 litre in the front, which is also used by the new is Positioned.