Turbo engines (gasoline) to the 4×4 T1 of the Dakar


FIA and ASO have decided to to shelve
the different engine configurations that had the vehicles T1

Dakar and therefore the hackneyed theme of the flanges of admission. After meeting
with the major manufacturers represented in the top category, the
organizer of the Dakar in communion with the FIA has determined that all vehicles
T1 will be traction 4×4 and will have a turbocharged gasoline starting in 2019
In this way, the manufacturers may not resort to the use of buggies-that will have
its own rules – or to engine turbo, as it has done Peugeot Sport
since his return to the test.

Mini X-Raid, Toyota Overdrive and Peugeot Sport have given the
approval of this decision
and at future dates to meet with FIA and ASO to
discuss the keys of the new technical regulation, which may not be a partaker Peugeot already
your program -with your buggy tubordiĆ©sel – is only confirmed until 2018. In
in any case, a turn of 180 degrees to the rules of the category
cars that T1 must be 4×4 with turbo diesel engines, gasoline,
while the buggies will compete with a standard engine that will allow that
any way to return to be protagonists in the hands of private teams.

With this measure that will end the controversy, and with equal
-and not achieved – between the motors and turbo propellers
gasoline atmospheric, horse battle in the last two editions of the
Dakar between Peugeot Sport and X-Raid. This change has to be approved in the next
World Council meeting of the Motor
, an event celebrated on the 9th of
march, in Geneva. It seems complicated in any case that this regulatory change
to enter into force in 2018, where if you could celebrate the first
World championship Cross-Country
, an event that until now has
tag of World Cup FIA.