Turkey and Croatia are closer to the calendar of the WRC 2018


Turkey and Croatia have many ballots to enter in the calendar of the WRC in 2018 within the meaning of the information that has been collected ‘Autosport’. Although in a first moment there was a possibility of the return of New Zealand, the promoter of the WRC seems to be willing to include the Rally of Turkey as the fourteenth round of the championship. The presence of the Rally of Croatia in the contest is always dependent on the low of the Rally of Poland, a test that is on the ropes by the ongoing problems of organization, logistics and security that has taken the test since he landed in the World.

The Rally of Turkey would return to the WRC as a test of earth to be held in the month of September with almost entire safety. The appointment of Turkish, absent in the calendar of the World since 2010, would be the fourteenth test that the promoter of the World Rally has sought to establish in the last two years with the failed Rally of China. For his part, the Rally of Croatia would take the place of Poland as a rally mixed that would debut in the country in the WRC. The manufacturers will have an important role in deciding the income of Croatia in the contest.

Although New Zealand has lost a great part of their options of returning to the World cup next year and it seems almost certain that the Rally of Poland is left out of the calendar, the final decision with respect to these two tests and the consequent entry of Turkey and Croatia in the calendar will be taken at the end of this month of August, in the meeting that planned the Commission of Rallies of the FIA in Germany. Then proceed to the presentation of the draft of the calendar of the WRC 2018. This must be confirmed by the FIA in the next World Council of the Motor.