Turkey by Poland in a WRC 2018, with thirteen testing


The Rally of Poland was dropped from the WRC. Although this low had been chewing since the conclusion of the test, every time that the local promoter failed to provide a solution to the serious problems of test security, now its output is almost official. Well it is true that the calendar of the WRC 2018 will need to be confirmed in the next World Council of the Motor, but Olivier Cesla as visible head of the Promoter of the WRC already has confirmed that the square of Poland will be occupied by the Rally of Turkey in a calendar of thirteen rallies in the does not seem to be able to accommodate the Rally of Croatia.

In statements collected by ‘Autosport’ after the meetings that took place in the Rally of Germany, Orliver Ciesla explains that the lack of security leaves out the Rally of Poland, since it is impossible to take a test in the World with such chaos among the spectators. In its place, the Rally of Turkey returned to the WRC with a new event that will be in the month of September. For their part, the poor of Poland implies that the month of July will be no rally, leaving the option of the Rally of Croatia almost discarded did not find a date on which to celebrate this test combination to the shores of the Baltic sea.

In this way, and if we look with a prism-general to the calendar of the WRC 2018, the first seven tests of the year are kept unchanged, while drawing a vacuum of almost 45 days between the Rally of Italy-Sardinia and the test Finnish did not find the solution to include the Rally of Croatia in July. In the second half of the championship, everything indicates that there will be a change of dates between the Rally of Wales and the Rally RACC Catalunya, so that the british trial will be held early in October and the test in Spanish at the end of the same month.