Turkey will manufacture a car based on the Saab 9-3


Turkey takes a few years committed to have a car industry less dependent on foreign manufacturers. The council of development scientific-technical of Turkey (TÜBITAK) has reached an agreement with NEVS, the owners of the industrial property office of the Saab 9-3, except for parts that are of General Motors.

The goal is to create “a car Turkish national”

After a negotiation mid-year and a large outlay of millions of euros (the amount is unknown) the turks have bought the intellectual property rights of the car. NEVS presented three prototypes with a front that is strongly reminiscent of the Cadillac BLS, also based on the 9-3 in his day.

The name “9-3” there will continue to be used, and the manufacture of a constructor Turkish by determine. the rest of The development will be done in Turkey. This movement reminds us of the sale of the rights to the 9-5 of penultimate generation to a chinese manufacturer.


NEVS will provide advice to the turks to establish the logistics chain needed or the business plan, among other topics. This purchase saves money, because you start everything from scratch would have come out more expensive.

Yet will a few months until we see the “9-3 Turkish”. At industrial level it is a country that is very thriving, in Eastern Europe, only Russia manufactures more vehicles. On the other hand, the country itself is a market that is very juicy, so if they finish it will be a good deal.

For NEVS, this is a new injection of money, although a few more things left to sell. Right now Saab is owned by various chinese investors. Since General Motors is deshiciese of the brand during its restructuring, the Swedish manufacturer has not given foot with ball.

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