Turn up the volume, you are waiting for the V6 engine of the new Lotus Requires Sport 350

Lotus has not only renewed the Lotus Elise, has also been updated to Lotus Requires with a slight update that serves to give relief to that which until now we knew as the Lotus Requires S and that comes with a lower weight and greater power under the name of Lotus Requires Sport 350, a Requires that now we can see in video.

The Lotus claims it has lost 51 kg by using this update:

With this new release, Lotus introduces a peculiar upholstery is finished in tartan.

Raises the volume. Lotus has wanted to give you a good soundtrack to this first promotional video with the strike of V6, a V6 to remember 3.5 liters cubicaje and with the additional support of a compressor, reaching a power of 345 hp and a maximum torque of 400 Nm.

Has lost 51 kg, won downforce… and in addition you may have an upholstery finished in tartan, a gesture that inevitably reminds us of the Lotus Esprit.

Now yes, time to give the play and enjoy this british born by and for driving more spirited, more prestacional.

Video of the Lotus Requires Sport 350: