TVR confirms his resurrection: this new model will arrive in 2017, with V8 engine


So it will be the design of the new TVR: the first units will arrive during 2017

If we talk about british manufacturers of automobile insurance that you’ll have a few names in your head, but you probably don’t remember, at least in a first moment, TVR.

Precisely, TVR is putting the final touches to your full resurrection and return to the production, after almost a decade in limbo. In 2017 we will have a new model that will follow the path of the classic Griffith, Cerbera, or the last Sagaris and Tuscan.

The british firm, now owned by Les Edgar after passing through several hands, is working in conjunction with Gordon Murray Design and Cosworth Engineering for the development of this project, and by the time you already have 250 reservations -pre-deposit of 5,000 pounds-, so that throughout the production of the 2017 is already exhausted beforehand.


TVR Sagaris (2004)

┬┐How will the design of this new TVR? One of the biggest mysteries starts to unravel, and it does so with this first image of advancement. In reality this is a recreation digital computer is not exempt of some controversy, as the british magazine Autocar claims that it is based on one of his previous photoshops, not official.

anyway, TVR is working to the old-fashioned way, in parallel, with scale models of clay and others, so this image, we must take it simply as an advance, and surely the final model of production will be slightly different. Even so, in this side profile recognizes the classic silhouette of the TVR, and, in particular, is very similar to that of the Sagaris of the last decade.

With Gordon Murray after their engineering and development, we can expect great things from TVR. This first model of its return to incorporate a engine Cosworth V8 and will be available as coupe and convertible. will Be manufactured in the United Kingdom (the specific location is still to be determined), in a production that will reach about 1,000, or 1,500 units annually from 2018.


TVR Sagaris (2004)