TVR Griffth: Well roared its V8 engine of 500 horses video

As we have already mentioned a few days ago, the new model of TVR, named Griffith, will have more than 500 horses sent directly to the rear wheels, and will become the main rival of his countryman, the Aston Martin Vantage.

The new british sports will come to the end of 2018, but we have already been able to see in a video as being spent on the asphalt. Presented at the Festival of Goodwood, its price is part of the € 100,000.

As you can see in the video, the new TVR Griffith is fast, and is not for less. Equipped with a V8 engine of origin Cosworth that is capable of developing more than 500 horsepower on the asphalt. In fact, not only for their ways, atypical in the refined and stylized designs English -as you can see in the Aston Martin or McLaren, but by the roar of their propeller, the boss of TVR, Les Edgar, described by Griffith as a muscle car british.

The new sports English, which uses the same heading as the first model of the british firm, uses a engine of 5-liter configuration V8 Cosworth capable of delivering 500 horsepower. This, coupled with a weight of less than 1,250 kilograms, which makes his acceleration 0-100 km/h is under 4 seconds and reach speeds of over 300 km/h.

All that power is sent exclusively to the rear wheels through a gearbox six-speed manual. But as all power must have a control, TVR has a balance of weights of 50:50 thanks to the location of your engine, just behind the front axle, and has added elements of aero to improve the downforce, as a ground plane or a front splitter and a rear spoiler.

And that is it may be that the TVR does not stand out for an attractive design, but what the brand has always been clear is that they are raw power, something that already demonstrated with his TVR Cerbera Speed 12, which had an engine of 8 liters V12 was producing 800 horsepower.

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