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TVR has come back to life . It seems that a group of investors wants to relaunch the brand, and they will fancy with two partners: the former Gordon Murray and McLaren Cosworth. Two suitable to relaunch one of the most beloved British brands, which sadly went bankrupt a few years ago and ingredients. A Russian investor group tried to return to life, without success. It seems that the market has taken seriously this new attempt: TVR had to hang poster sold out for a sport that does not exist


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Production of 250 units planned for 2017 is completely sold.

This is what should have more than 250 interested in purchasing one of these sports wild . 5000 pounds per booking a total of 1.25 million pounds. The company has hung the sign sold out until 2018, far exceeding sales targets for 2017 . Will have to see if they can be ready for sports deadline. Development should be relatively advanced. Remember that the car will use the iStream tubular structure designed by Gordon Murray, also based urban Yamaha.

vuelve-tvr-1 This scalable and very light tubular structure make use of composite materials and carbon fiber body panels. The heart of the car – its mechanical soul – is the responsibility of Cosworth, which would be developing low atmospheric V8 engine . There is talk of a power of around 450 hp for a rear wheel drive car, equipped with manual transmission and with little electronic driving aids. An old school sports, made with only the enjoyment in mind.

TVR hopes to teach the first official pictures of its new sports in the coming weeks, and is even possible to put up with his prototype in Frankfurt . TVR is still organizing the production process, which will continue framed in the UK, but will have a European network of distributors. The current owner wishes to return to TVR its original glory, with up to 4 launches by the year 2025. The first model will be available in convertible version since its release.

We look forward to meet you.

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Source: Autocar
In motor: TVR returns to the ring, and makes hand ex Gordon Murray and McLaren-Cosworth



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