TVR has already submitted in private to your new model


Sketch of the model.

The recently relaunched british firm TVR has begun presenting its mysterious and new model to the first customers. These presentations are not intended for future customers, but presenting the state of the development of the model and especially, its still-unknown design aesthetic to customers who have already requested one.

At the beginning of last year desvelaba complete the project and at mid-year, was opened already in the book of orders, without having provided even a simple concept of the new model. In the summer, they already had hundreds of orders.

These customers are those who have had the luck of being able to discover the model and the status of the project, in small events of no more than 30 people, taken care of by the actual people responsible for the brand and its designers. These private events are taking place in the facilities of the designer Gordon Murray, near Guildford, south of London.


A scale model, hidden behind a tarpaulin during the entire event.

The new model will be officially presented next month of September, although in theory the brand already took a scale model of the model at the London motor show, where it was covered at all times, without outside lifted the tarp that covered even for a single minute. If the mark was intended to raise expectation with this model, since then they have achieved this.

The new project TVR is not only about the hiring of new emblems from the factory in Blackpool, but of creating the that at least on paper, it seems to be the best model of all the tormented history brand.

The model is being designed at the engineering level by Gordon Murray, using his particular system “iStream Carbon” manufacturing in carbon. The mechanics is run by nothing less than Cosworth, based on the V8 5.0-liter Coyote which employs the sixth generation of the Mustang.


First teaser of the new model.

According to those who were able to attend these presentations, for which they must sign a confidentiality agreement, have confirmed the good progress of the project and the financial muscle of the operation. Your development goes smoothly and the dates released by the brand it seems they will be fulfilled.

these events have not revealed the final specifications of the new TVR, but they have confirmed the features promised initial, more than 400 HP to about 1,200 kilos, speed above 200 miles per hour (31.87 km/h), acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h under 4 seconds and a price in the Uk for under 90,000 pounds (about 103.700 euro).

For the moment, has not completed construction of the factory where
will be assembled the new models of the brand. According to TVR,
facilities should be ready in the first quarter of 2018
plenty of time for the arrival of the model to the market, in 2019.