TVR presents a new and revealing picture of your sporty


New teaser of the first model of TVR in years.

The project managers of TVR have dedicated time to the british publication Top Gear, and although they have not revealed too much of the new model during the interview, yes that have unveiled some interesting data about the project, as that have in mind to participate in Le Mans, although not in the very near future.

To do this, you must first establish as a company and enhance sales, as a minimum, their first model, which as we already know it will be officially presented during the celebration of the event, Goodwood Revival, held this month of September.

For the moment, the brand is still resisting to give more details of the new model until its presentation, including its name, which we believe may be Griffith or Tuscan, names already employed by the brand in the past and that they were recently registered by the new project. So, we expect that the firm, in an attempt to create a relationship with the heritage of the brand, use one of the names most mythical of his past.


One of the first teasers of the model.

likewise, during the conversation with Top Gear, makers of the firm will not hesitate to speak of the relation power-to-weight of the vehicle, pointing to some figures that materialize would result in an output of around 500 horses to the 1,200 kilos of weight that has set the company for the sporty. That would raise slightly the power suggested initial, compared with about 450 HP extracted by the specialist Cosworth to the V8 Coyote 5.0-liter found in the Mustang GTactual.

The frame of the new TVR has been developed in conjunction with the company’s designer Gordon Murray, using the technology iStream manufacturing carbon developed by this. This technology not only allows a construction more simple in this ultra lightweight material, but allows to reduce considerably the costs of production

For the moment, only a few have been able to see already the final design of the model, during a series of private events organized by the brand to the customers who had already made a booking of the model in advance. Of rest, we wait until the 8th of September, date in which will be presented at Goodwood.