TVR puts us honey on the lips: this is the silhouette of its new sports

As you already know, TVR is developing a new sports. His name is still unknown, but we already know many details about its production (already sold) and of its DNA. Many details promising, by the way. As for example the fact that it employs the structure iStream patented by Gordon Murray – designer of McLaren F1. We also know the origin of its V8 high-rate of twist and for the first time, we have already a idea of the final look will be. This is the first image provided by TVR.

Under the hood of this new TVR beat a 5.0 engine V8 source Ford, re-engineered by Cosworth.

TVR was re-launched just a few months ago by a consortium of british investors, car enthusiasts, who have wanted to bring to fruition the failed dream of his creator. The first image of its new sports presides over this article. A silhouette futuristic-looking, but in line with the traditional proportions of TVR: a long bonnet and a cabin two-seater quite withdrawn. On its front appears to have optical quite vertical, certainly similar to one of the last TVR, the bright Sagaris.


In your profile we have big wheels – which are of safe design that is not final – and a dual side exit exhaust, very close to the engine. A solution that is sure to be replicated on the other side of the car. Under the hood – as we have already mentioned – we find a 5.0 engine V8 Coyote source Ford, conveniently redesigned cylinder heads Cosworth and a power of around 500 HP. A propellant that will be associated to a manual gearbox six relations, which will all its power to the rear axle. So I like it.

The target weight for this car built the old fashioned way, is just 1.100 kilograms.

the rest of The design of the car combines details futuristic – that profile – with classical inspiration for the behind, for which a fall of roof seems to mimic a Jaguar E-Type. We expect great things from this new TVR, which is assumed to of time, as light, passionate and dynamic as ever. Less evil that some brands still opt for cars that are designed the old-fashioned way, without complications, without turbos and without an electronic all-clouds. The first physical prototype could be presented at the Geneva motor show.

Source: Carscoops
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