TVR records the name Griffith and many already say that as well be called his first sports


Each time gets more weight the name Griffith for the new TVR.

Although it is true that the own reports point to this new name as the final, also reveal that the mark is still undecided about it, it seems that Griffith will be the new name chosen by the reborn brand TVR for its first new model.

Griffith is not a denomination more to the british firm. Its origin lies in the last name of the distributor of the brand in the united States, Jack Griffith, and is one of the names with more history of the firm before based in Blackpool.

Your record, along with other names such as Tuscan, reveals the clear intent to keep his legacy, but that does not mean that the new project TVR go to use it to baptize your first model. Although it is true that you should, because that would be the missing link between the now defunct TVR and this new initiative, but the name, really has nothing to do with the defunct company.


TVR Griffith, a second generation.

This news endorses the first rumors that already pointed to this appellation, which was used previously in two other models, the first in the decade of the fifties, with the original model, and for the last time in 1991, with the beautiful Griffith classic aesthetic and V8 engine.

The new model, we already know that it will be presented in September, and that will be a compendium of the whole of the uk technology available. Chassis carbon fiber technology iStream-Gordon Murray and mechanics signed by the renowned specialist Cosworth. It will have an engine cohco cylinder engine derived from the V8 Coyote 5.0-liter Mustang today, with more than 400 HP for 1200 kgs.

Precisely a few months ago I we reported that the brand has already started to display the model at select private events
to potential customers, and to those who have already made your reservation
the first specimens, in 2015. These presentations took place in
facilities of Gordon Murray.