TVR shows a new teaser of its sports Griffith

Its official presentation will take place next month of September. That will be the time in which they unveil one of the models more expected for the automobile industry English. TVR is one of his brands more sporting, but the lucky and the finances never have accompanied it. Therefore, once you overcome the last hurdles to economic level are determined to return to the market place where you never had to leave.

we have Already spoken several times of this brand and their plans for the future. These have been laid bare in the form of teasers and images that the brand has been leaving little by little. Shortly after we met the name that you would take this model, Griffith, in honor of one of the largest importers of the brand. Another of the details that we already know is that will use a petrol engine configuration-V8 developed by Cosworth with a power that will be in the 400 hp.

however, the most important detail of this future model, design, has not yet been revealed as God commands. It is true that the last image has been filtered the own TVR is very revealing, but you are still missing certain details that made humane to the model. According to its creators, Griffith will be a model capable of facing the all mighty Porsche 911, because, in its lighter version will weigh about 1,200 pounds, about 300 pounds less than half that of its main rivals.

The firm has stated that acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour of the TVR Griffith will be under 4 seconds. In addition, Griffith will be able to overcome with ease the 300 kilometers per hour with what would be among the fastest in its category. All in all, TVR hopes that its new model is a success the next day, September 8, when it is unveiled officially at Goodwood.

Be to see if the final design is at the height of the buzz that has raised the brand and if the customers don’t give it back.

Source – TVR

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