TVR teaches us the chassis of the new sports: it is called iStream and it is the work of Gordon Murray

Quiet, the car will not be called iStream. But yes your chassis. And it is work, nothing more and nothing less than the great Gordon Murray. Maybe you remember for having been the creator of the McLaren F1, that melted in a car art, innovation and engineering, creating the car that best represents what a supercar should be. It has been put to work hard with the owners of the reborn TVR, featuring a revolutionary tubular chassis of carbon fiber. It will be the skeleton of the first sports TVR in more than a decade of absence.

Gordon Murray already patented his technology iStream few years ago, and his small T. 25 and T. 27 were the first vehicles to equip this chassis. The idea is to mass-produce, and in a very simple and affordable, a chassis manufactured with composite materials of high strength and great lightness. Simplifying to the extreme, it is a construction of tubular metal, on which are mounted panels of plastic reinforced with carbon fiber – in the case of this car, the technology uses a higher proportion of carbon fiber.

futuro-deportivo-tvr3The main advantage of this construction is a cycle time of only 100 seconds, and a cost-contained, with practically the same advantages as a monocoque full-carbon fiber – really expensive to produce. TVR has been present in the Auto show of London, showing their technology, and carrying on a mule of tests, always covered by a tarp that at no time was discovered. All in all, the pictures of your chassis and re-enactments of previous give us clues about the future look of the car.

Manual gearbox, V8 engine massaged by Cosworth, ultra-lightweight construction. On paper, everything looks very, very good.

TVR also announced that his production will be limited to 500 units, of which 400 are already sold – a real flurry of orders in that something probably would have had to do the master hand of the great Gordon Murray. Also expousieron a precious Griffith 400, with the objective to make clear the rich history of the company. The sales of this car will begin next year, with a starting price of 65,000 pounds. The launch edition will be even more expensive, at around £ 100,000.

futuro-deportivo-tvr4A price justified by the existence of another partner of luxury in its development: Cosworth. The specialist british has been responsible for developing the engine of the sports, that take as a basis the 5.0 V8 Coyote of the current Ford Mustang GT. This engine be a new crankshaft lightweight, a system of lubrication by dry crankcase and a modified head. Will retain its character and atmosphere will raise your regime of rotation, to a power that is estimated to be located between 450 HP and 500 HP, according to versions.

Source: Carscoops