TVR to open a new factory in Wales


This is the profile of the new TVR

The return of TVR continues cobbling together. The resurrection of the british company is increasingly closer to becoming a reality. We know little of the new model that will come under the signature of the brand, even when they plan to launch it to the market, and still we stuck to the current that arrives from the firm. This leaves us with a juicy piece of news today, and it has been approved the commissioning of a new factory where will be production of this new model of TVR. The factory will be located in Wales and its opening will generate about 150 jobs.

As we say, little or nothing is known of the future car born of the new era TVR and the expectations are growing. The brand already has a good number of deposits of customers who do not want to stay without one of these new models. Of I walk the few reports that address this topic have drawn several conclusions, such as the engine that will power the sporty English will be a V8 of origin Ford and will be tuned by Cosworth. In terms of the power it is estimated that close to 500 horses of power, a power that will come with a good chassis.

TVR Sagaris

TVR Sagaris

Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales, has confirmed the construction of a new factory of cars in Ebbw Vale, next to the circuit speed. The works will start in approximately a month, ending along 2018, the year in which it is expected to start operations. The vicinity with the circuit of Wales will serve the brand TVR to develop their models and put them to the test on the track, in addition to provide their customers with sections that could test them. In this way, the brand follows in the footsteps of Aston Martin, the manufacturer also announced that it would manufacture its next DBX in Wales.

The new model of TVR was scheduled for 2017, but with this new announcement, we assume that the release date will delay it for one or two years. And is that, as we say, the end of the construction of the new plant is planned for 2018.

Source – Coach