TVR will have a model on the market before the end of 2017


almost a year Ago, we told you using the same image that opens this news that the manufacturer English of sports craft TVR would release a new model. The English house carries a season with its industrial activity a both stop. Loa economic issues that have gone through have left untouched, but it seems that now that they’ll come back for the big door. Therefore have announced that before the end of this year will be in the market a new model.

As has been communicated to the firm, when they were the sketches of how it would be his new model is opened a round of customer acquisition. The production of the model was limited to only 400 units and before the end of the process had already been exhausted all. To help your interest for the model were crucial in its acquisition, engineers TVR provided customers with information on the mechanical, the safety or aerodynamics of the model.


As we know the new model of TVR (which for now is unknown, your name) mount a mechanical gasoline turbo-fed configuration V8. Apparently this block has been prepared by Cosworth (it is a block derived from the one used by the Ford Mustang V8), and its end power could be overcome with ease to 400 hp. All of this joined to a final weight of 1,200 kilos will make this model a giant killer as it could cover the zero to hundred kilometres per hour in about 4 seconds and make a top speed of 322 kilometres per hour (estimated).

For now the data about your chassis are both plain. Have been reported that use of a system or “framework iStream” that has panels of carbon fiber and a tubular structure to reduce the weight and improve the structural strength of the car. His official presentation will occur in the next month of September and as the brand has asked its customers (through a confidentiality agreement) will not be disclosed any photos or data of the models up to that time.

arrival at the factory is scheduled for early 2018 and the delivery to customers of the first units for the first half of next year. We need to be attentive to the rise from the ashes of TVR.

Source – TVR