TVR will have a new sporty that underpin these teaser

tvr-teaser-nuevo-deportivoi-22017 seems to be the date of the rebirth of the british brand of sports TVR. This historic signing has not gone for a good run in the last few years, but now everything seems on track for the launch of a new model. The brand has shown two teasers that show the new coupe of the brand, scheduled for 2017, and that later will be accompanied by a variant, a convertible, since this version of the open roof has been taken into consideration from the earliest moments of development.

And what we can expect from the new sports TVR?It is rumored that the new model, which already has more than 400 deposits for future owners despite not having been presented, could revive the name of TVR Griffith. You will need a motor V8 Cosworth with over 400 HP, and it is rumored that it is capable of doing the 0-100 km/h in less than four seconds. Elo relative to the price, this could be fixed in more than 80,000 euros, although the model would be launched into the market with a special edition that, in principle, not exceed the barrier of 120,000 euros.

TVR tendrĂ¡ un nuevo deportivo que adelantan estos teaserhypothetical TVR Griffith will not be a car with a power huge, but the key lies in the weight. Applying the same philosophy that brands like Lotus, the new sports TVR will use a monocoque carbon fiber, which will be key to achieving the estimated weight of 1.150 kilos. The model is still in the development phase, but when you are ready to hit the assembly lines, TVR will begin to make it in new installations in Wales.

For the moment we will have to make do with a teaser in which we can see its slim silhouette and the other in the that allows us to see its front in more detail, despite being a drawing. At the London Motor Show being held these days, TVR has been present with a stand in which was the model of clay’s new sports, stuffy, and leaving the forms of the new model. This holster has been commissioned to announce that this summer will be a preview exclusive to customers.

Source – TVR