TVR will officially present its new model on the 8th of September

The manufacturer English of sports TVR takes a while giving us clues about what will be your next model. The firm spent some time without releasing anything new to the market due to the economic problems it has gone through in recent times. It seems, however, that have already been overcome, and the makers of the brand are ready to discover your new acolyte.

During the last few months the firm has been releasing some teasers and drawings for us to get an idea of how it will be this future model. If we are guided by them, and not to “confuse” the very most we can say that you have a tramp stamp sporting, sharp and with a lot of personality. However, until I have in person, we will not be able to issue a verdict.

His body will be comprised of panels of carbon fiber, to leave the weight final model below the 1,200 kilos. In respect of its mechanics, you will use a block gasoline developed by Cosworth that will be 5 liters of displacement, configuration V8 and 500 bhp of power. To finish, we know is that is called Griffith, in homage to an illustrious businessman associated with the brand.

Now that you almost know the main technical data of the model, TVR has decided to release a new image in which only we can see the exhaust pipe. It seems to be installed on the side of the vehicle, just after an exit of air. This position seems to corroborate the 322 km per hour you can reach as a maximum speed, as well as the less than four seconds it would take to mark an acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour.

Next to this stark image has come to us a date. The TVR Griffith will make its debut to the public next day, September 8, at the festival Goodwood Revival. When you discover it will be the time to get to know if the expectations of production of the firm have become to be short. In a first moment, only going to produce 250 units, but to run out in a few days is extended up to the 500.

Will have to see if all are owner.

Source – TVR

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