TVR will provide fiber carbon for its new model in 2017


TVR is now developing a new model next to Gordon Murray Design, of unknown name, which is being financed with the deposits contributed by new customers. Those more than 300 future drivers of a TVR they have been contacted, and has given them a good news.

The future, TVR will have a construction very intensive in carbon fiber with the goal of reducing the weight without sacrificing rigidity or safety. Although will be a payment option, depositors have in their cars at no cost, of series.

TVR has achieved a way of using carbon fiber in bulk, at a very low cost, which they call iStreamĀ®. This composite material is to be used in the tubular chassis, as well as in parts of the body. Very few manufacturers have relied on the carbon due to its high cost, one of the best examples representing the BMW i3 and i8.

TVR has not specified how much it will cost the option of carbon fibre for customers that will go after, and what will be the alternative material. will shortly be closed to the admission of deposits.