TVR will reveal its sport at the Goodwood Revival and shows us his first image


One of the first teasers presented by the brand.

Up to this point, we had not been able to see any real picture of the new model that is preparing the reborn project TVR. Despite the fact that we have enough information about the new sports and even know that the first customers have already been able to see it in a series of private events, up to the day of today we had only been able to see some sketches as teaser, and never an image as such in the model.

This photograph, which has revealed TVR does not tell us too much, but at least confirms that the model will be attractive exhaust outlets side, located after the front wheel, or at least that is what is suggested by the snapshot.

The new TVR will be presented on the 8 of September, during the event, Goodwood Revival -not to be confused with the Festival of Speed at Goodwood, which takes place at the end of this very month, so that will be the first time that this event welcomes an international presentation of a model. Until then, we expect the brand to reveal something more of the design of the model, which has been maintained in secret until such a point, that came to have a full-scale model hidden with a tarp a few months ago at the Automobile Salon of London, without destaparlo in no time.


scale Model of the model, hidden with a canvas that was not secluded, not for one second.

The basic specifications of the model are well-known. The frame has been developed in conjunction with Gordon Murray, using its patented iStream manufacturing carbon, so that the chassis of the model will be of type tubular reinforced with this material. The total weight of the set will be about content to 1,200 pounds, although its size, according to what little we have seen until now will be very bare-bones, on the line of the latest models marketed TVR during its last stage in Blackpool.

The engine will be a derivative of the V8 5.0-liter Coyote that uses the current Ford Mustang GT, albeit retouched by the specialist Cosworth, that will draw between 400 and 500 horses of the us engine. Its weight-to-power (estimated to be between 2.4 and 3 kilos per horse) will allow some benefits to the height of the segment, with a capacity of acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h under 4 seconds.

The model will have a base price slightly above 90,000 pounds, little more than 100,000 euros at the current exchange rate, and at this stage of the project have almost sold the first 500 units, that correspond with a limited edition release. The name most likely among the names being considered is that of Griffith, a mythical name for the signature and that it has been used in several models from the decade of the fifties.