Twelve days of testing for Pirelli in 2016


The insistence of Pirelli has given its fruits. The FIA has updated the rules of the season 2016 Formula 1 to allow the test of the Italian manufacturer of tyres ahead of the season 2017, vital, because it will change the morphology of the gums. In this way, the FIA reserves the right to organize up to six test two days with the sole purpose of providing the supplier of tires the opportunity to test improvements in the design of their products. In other words, Pirelli will have up to 12 days of testing to develop the tires 2017.

it is Worth remembering that the F1 in 2017 will undergo a technical revolution and the tires will not be outside. tires front and rear will increase your width. In addition to a remarkable piece of work on Pirelli, this change will also have an impact on the performance of the cars. Since the signing by milan insists that the tires will be up to five seconds faster, although to achieve this remarkable improvement will have to work very hard during these test days. The first day of testing took place in Abu Dhabi and the second will be held at Paul Ricard on wet asphalt in January.


Although nothing is known about the circuits and terms on which
will carry out these test, the news has been greeted with enthusiasm
in the bosom of Pirelli, as demonstrated by Paul Hembery: This is a first
step forward, but it is extremely positive
. It is in the regulations,
so in collaboration with the FIA and when it is deemed necessary,
you can try out. Even so, we still need a vehicle to test”
. In
this aspect, Hembery asked for clarification of when prior to the legislation:
we Need to define a vehicle of an appropriate level for testing.
We need clarity because there is very little time and we have to start
work on it”.

According to Paul Hembery, test
tyres for face-to-2017 may be delayed until the middle of next
year maximum
. For then it will be important to have on the table a
clear regulation that defines the steps to follow and that indicated by the
both the single-seater to use in the test. In this line, it is likely
you can use a single of the early twentieth century, since by its
features were closer to be able to adapt to potential
cars that we will see from 2017. Pirelli has another
battle ahead