Uber and Mercedes-Benz are joining forces to investigate in driving autonomous


driving autonomous is moving and that is a reality in a short time the companies that are betting on her are beginning to move their chips. One of the firms most active is the american Uber as not stop hiring engineers, perform tests, and to sign agreements with other brands of cars. The first manufacturer with which he began to work on a large scale was the Swedish Volvo, however, now has informed that it has established another partnership agreement with another large manufacturer.

Uber has been reported that the manufacturer with which it has signed the new collaboration agreement is Daimler AG. The parent company of Mercedes-Benz wants the signature of the star assign vehicles to Uber for that they can to create their autonomous vehicles in order to get know-how about the project of driving autonomous of the u.s. firm. With this step, it speeds up the idea that has the transport company to create the first fleet of autonomous vehicles in the world.


For now none of the signatures has been communicated to the planning of work marked, but have communicated some aspects of its agreement. The most striking is that unlike the agreement that they have with Volvo, Uber will not have owned the vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. In addition, another striking aspect is that neither will interfere in the investigations in r+D+I of the signature of the star in terms of artificial intelligence for autonomous cars.

This agreement is endorsed by the press release that have been disseminated by Daimler AG and in the Dieter Zetsche, CEO of the same, highlighted the following information: “mercedes-benz, as the inventor of the car, aims to be a leading company in the conduct autonomous, as it will be a way of reinventing mobility”.

As a response to Daimler AG on the part of Uber, Travis Kalanick, CEO, said through a digital medium “The car manufacturers like Daimler AG are crucial to our strategy because Uber does not have experience in the automotive manufacturing to be an industry hard and complex”.

Source – Mercedes-Benz – Uber