Uber has already put on the street for their autonomous cars

Uber autónomo autonomous car has already taken another step in its global expansion. The all-powerful Uber is the first big company of transport of people in the circulation of taxis completely self-contained. We say that it is the first for that NuTonomy is still performing pilot tests in Singapore, and its capacity as a transportation company of people do not have the entity that has already reached Uber in the world.

a month Ago, the company, with headquarters in San Francisco (California), announcing that in a short period of time would take the first taxi independent of the market making service, transport of real form. Today Uber is to be congratulated for what they have started to roll their first autonomous cars on the roads in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To start this new journey the company has had several units of the Ford Fusion Energi.

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To arrive until today, the autonomous cars of Uber have carried out evidence environments real during the past month may. In addition, together with the Carnegie Mellon University created the Centre of Advanced Technologies in which it has developed the technology and systems that are necessary to create a transport service for personal and private through the use of autonomous vehicles.

As we can see in the video the taxi self-contained, Uber is able to perform a journey of a completely autonomous. However, during the first journeys the vehicle will be monitored by a engineer in order to check the correct operation of the systems. The autonomous car of Uber is equipped with a large number of sensors, cameras, radar and systems approach laser, which allows you to see your entire environment to circulate through the streets.

in Addition, while perfects the transport system self-contained Uber, the autonomous vehicles on days with rainy weather or fog don’t come to the street. This measure has been taken to preserve the security of the customers, because with this type of weather sensors of the vehicles could not interpret well the environment and cause an accident.

once all the systems are ready for total operation of the signature will put at the service of the great public to this new mode of transport. We will have to wait to the official date that provide Uber.

Source – Uber