Uber is again available in Madrid


despite the fact that Uber is available in most of the European countries has been complicated to operate in our country legally. Following the announcement this week that by the end Uber could operate in Spain to-day today is already operational the application for the capital.

And this time the company will operate through UberX in replacement of UberPOP. Already commented above that only the drivers licensed VTC would be suitable for the transport of passengers. A portion of these drivers must be discharged as autonomous as required by the Association of Taxi drivers, who showed their disagreement with that private drivers do not declare their income.

For its part, Uber has made public their rates, being the minimum rate of 5 euros for drivers. Each trip will cost 10 cents per minute, or 1.20 euros per kilometer. For example, a trip from the Plaza de Cibeles to Barajas airport will cost around 20 euros using this service.

For that there are no misunderstandings, Uber has published a map in which are marked the areas where you have coverage service, being the centre of Madrid areas of High Availability and the outlying areas with limited Availability.

The mobile application Uber is free both Android iOS.