Uber is back in Spain, but legally


late last year, Uber lost the pulse against the Administration, and is banned from the service UberPOP. Under Spanish law it is not possible for individuals to carry particular in exchange for a financial remuneration for profit-a license is required, liability insurance, specific, etc

Now announces his return, but complying with the rules of the game

Uber has survived in our country only in Barcelona, with a fast food service, UberEATS. The drivers of Uber need the license VTC, that is to say, rent of vehicle with driver. In addition, it requires the absence of a criminal record and that the car has less than eight years.

This type of license does not allow anyone to get to drive for Uber. The requirements of the license VTC are very restrictive in terms of passenger cars:

  • Length: 4.7 metres or more
  • Power attorney: 13 CVF or more
  • Age: 8 years or less, except for models with 28 CVF or more

NOTE: The power to tax is primarily dependent on the displacement.


A car like the Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TDI would be suitable for use as VTC

In other words, you can only use car of the D segment or higher, with engines of no less than 2 liters, it gives equal to the useful power. Under the mode UberPOP served any car that had less than five years of age, but the license VTC has these conditions.

For every 30 taxi licenses, there is a VTC

on the other hand, the VTC have limitations with respect to the autotaxis. In theory, a VTC can only pick up customers under strict order, and not pick them up in the street. In addition, you can only start the journey from their tax base, technically they can’t go circulating empty and accept a trip.

The collective Elite Taxi, in a program of Citizen Cake (Telemadrid), was in evidence drivers of the platform Cabify. Taking the tax base out of Madrid, waited for rides in the car park of the petrol station Campo de las naciones, on the M-40. For Uber, we would speak of the same thing.


Uber operates in most of Europe, either with mode professional, particular (UberPOP) or a mixture of both

The multinational company Uber has agreed to the legal terms Spanish, although advocates for their flexibility. Spain sets an example as one of the few european countries in which Uber is not operating in any of its forms of transport of people. In several EU countries, Uber only operates in the modality of professional drivers.

The return of Uber is very timely, taking advantage of the crisis of emissions and pollution

Within the model of licensed drivers, they have to pay all the corresponding taxes, so that competition with the taxi is much more fair. at present, the only strainer is the routes, by the already explained, and surely the taxi drivers will look closely at the behavior of Uber. Cannot start routes out of the tax base declared without a roadmap that indicate origin and destination.

Given the limited availability of licenses, VTC, and to the requirements that there are for its operation, Uber is not going to cause the same impact to the taxi drivers that line the streets of private drivers using their own cars without paying taxes.

Uber has opened a form for recruitment of professional drivers, but the service is not yet available. Cartography and traffic data of Uber will soon be a thing of the TomTom, under a global agreement that has been announced today.