Uber is back with their autonomous cars to San Francisco, but with trick

Uber Ford autónomo

The history of Uber and testing its autonomous cars for different states of the united States could be worth to write a book. The signature had to leave the roads of San Francisco (state of California) because according to the authorities of the american state lacked any permission to perform them. In a first moment, since the company attempted to reach an agreement, but the authorities are not allowed to and had to go to Arizona.

however have not taken long to get back to San Francisco since they are already circulating of the ways the Ford Fusion autonomous of the brand. In this case, instead of performing the tests without having a driver-human the cars will be occupied by a driver to monitor what happens while conducting the tests. However, on this occasion, instead of performing tests of self-driving cars, Uber has become to perform other tasks, are also necessary.

Uber Ford Fusión autónomo

The signing of Travis Kalanick has been reported that, on this occasion, its autonomous cars are only present in California to take data and generate useful information to improve their jobs in auto driving. With them want to create their own basis of data on road maps of the state so as to integrate them into the artificial memory that allows cars to drive autonomously.

To that Uber has been able to return to the roads of San Francisco, in the firm have had to compromise with the authorities of the state of California, not to do any test driving autonomous. The form is chosen to carry the practice to such a commitment is that, Uber has been able to register five autonomous vehicles but has had to disconnect their systems for self-driving.

With this, in California, to ensure that cars registered for Uber are only working to to do work of measuring and obtaining mapping data. In addition, the american state has informed the company that if they apply for the relevant permits they would be willing to open their roads back to complete their testing with autonomous cars.

Source – Uber