Uber paralyzes test its autonomous cars in California

Uber autónomo

To autonomous cars could reach the market in the same conditions that we know today have to pass a series of tests to verify that they are prepared to move safely. However, these tests are not yet allowed in all countries in the world that rules that treats this topic is still vague and in many cases it also does not regulate all the aspects that interfere in the execution of these tests.

Another of the problems that arise with these regulations is that each country imposes his and therefore the manufacturer who wants to test its autonomous cars in several countries at once can drive you crazy in order to modify the vehicle to meet all of the requirements. The country in which you happen most things of this type is united States. In the country of Uncle Sam each state that shape the united States has a different regulation has the neighbor and that makes problems.

Volvo XC90 autónomo Uber

One of the firms that are carrying out testing of its autonomous cars in various states of the united States is Uber. The firm’s specialist in transport of people want to be the first in to have a autonomous car on the market and this is testing their cars in several cities. The problem is that in some of these it seems that you do not have all the permissions necessary, and this situation could give to the fret with their expansion plans.

In view of the discrepancy that exists at the time of applying for the permit the Department of Motor Vehicles of California has communicated to Uber can’t carry out the tests of their cars in their tracks. This situation to the fact that the firm is forced to suspend (we do not know if temporarily) evidence of their cars in this state. Meanwhile the rest of its fleet of autonomous cars continues to circulate by the other states of the united States. You see when you solve this problem.

Source – Department of Motor Vehicles California