Uber skips the laws of San Francisco to test its autonomous

Volvo XC90 autónomo Uber

The company of transport of people Uber is one of the most is investing in their cars to be completely autonomous. With this your costs will be much lower, and the yield will be higher, in addition, the flexibility that gives you having a fleet of cars without drivers will allow customers to choose to travel in many cities of the world.

For this plan to come to the front the u.s. firm with the collaboration of Volvo. The Swedish brand, through the transfer of their models, is putting to test your driving technology and Uber services. are conducting driving tests on roads open to traffic in San Francisco, united States of America. However, something they’re doing wrong because by the looks of it, Uber lacks the necessary permissions so that they can circulate through these pathways.

Volvo XC90 autónomo Uber

According to Autoblog, the authorities of San Francisco have been in contact with the executives of Uber to let them know that they are carrying out testing of its autonomous cars without the relevant permissions legal. This situation would not be able to circulate these roads but Uber is not willing to give in on its claims and ensure that you do not need any permission to carry out the testing of their cars without driver.

The reason that give from the firm is that their cars are not carrying out the tests without driver. That is to say, its realization is being carried out with a driver occupying its place, and controlling what is making the car in every moment, for it Uber believes that it is not necessary to have these permissions.

however, it seems that the authorities have not been taken very well this pulse and as reported they are working to assess what are the legal actions that may be taken against the firm for failing to conform to the current regulations in terms of test cars without a driver.

Will have to see how this all turns out because Uber is not the first time that gets in trouble although it is true that always lands on his feet.

Source – Autoblog