Uber tab to hit book to Amit Singhal engineer, Google

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driving autonomous continues its frenetic pace, and by now, next to Tesla Motors, Uber is the signature that seems to be more advantage to the traditional manufacturers of cars. The us firm continues with the testing its autonomous cars in several states of the united States. In addition to this, the firm is continuing with its research to create the systems of artificial intelligence so that their cars can fit and other brands interested to acquire.

These complex works are being carried out internally in Uber, however to give you a little nudge to the same have decided to hire a new engineer. Amit Singhal is the engineer who is behind the search engine’s most famous in the world. Google has been her home for 15 years and she gave shape and life to the search system that we all know today when we get to navigate in the Google search engine.

Googe Uber

He himself was the person in charge of reporting the news (on your personal blog) before Uber made it official. His arrival to the firm will help for the rental system of autonomous cars of the home a reality sooner rather than later. To do this will be to the orders of Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, and one of the people most involved in the development of this system.

Within Uber-your post will be the senior vice president of engineering and with your knowledge in programming will help to shape this revolutionary rental scheme. With it, the customer may request a vehicle and this may go to pick you up where requested by the service. If the firm is able to refine the technology they already have and implement it in their cars, the mobility of the people will change radically it will not be necessary to wait for the vehicle or even be able to apply for a specific time and focus only on the journey.

Source – Uber