Uber takes their autonomous cars from California to Arizona

Volvo XC90 autónomo Uber

driving autonomous is unleashing a harsh war between the brands of cars and the laws and regulations they have to follow (the first) to be able to test autonomous cars on the roads according to which countries. Uber has actually distributed its autonomous cars by various countries of the world and now move on to those who had in California to another state of the united States to continue with their tests.

The other day I told that California was called to order at Uber because their autonomous cars had no permit sufficient to circulate on the roads of the country. After this call the responsible of the signature of transport of passengers decided to suspend testing until you find a solution to the problem. Well, it seems that you already have and do not have to go very far from the united States to continue with them.

Uber autónomo

As has been communicated by Marisa Kendall, one of the responsible of the project of autonomous cars Uber, after the slam of California are moving its fleet of autonomous cars evidence the state of Arizona. As reported by the testing will begin in a few weeks (we understand that while moving vehicles and ask for the appropriate permissions) and once completed move on to the next phase of the project.

Another of the news that has facilitated the brand is that the fleet have a test of the Volvo XC90 will also be transferred to this state. To carry out this movement have had the support of Doug Ducey, governor of the state of Arizona. With the protection of the highest authority of Arizona to Uber will make more things easy from now on and taking advantage of the situation will increase the pace of your tests so that they can reach the market on the date initially scheduled.

Source – Uber