Uber would be ready to transport people in taxis flying

Uber taxi voladorToday the urban mobility represents a problem for the society and the cities. However, in the face of a future environment will be a challenge. The big cities are becoming more populated and you will have to solve how to move so many people without destroying the world and the energy resources that we have then. the companies are being investigated continuously and some, like Uber, are already prepared for what might happen.

First, Uber is working closely with several car manufacturers, like Volvo, that its autonomous cars serve as transportation to the customers who want it. This line of business is very advanced and it will be a matter of little time that we look to their cars to carry people from one place to another of the cities without the need for a driver to be aware of it.

Uber autónomoThe second line of business in which you are working is much more interesting. All of us have been interested to be able to fly and more if you can do so safely, comfortably and quickly. Well, Uber has given has released a document with 98 pages in which he describes the use of VTOLs to transport people. The VTOLs are a type of small aircraft and with a capacity for one or two people that can take off and land vertically in a very little space.

With this idea the aim is to decrease the congestion in cities, more inhabited. However, in this summary, the company does not report if you are interested in build their own hardware VTOLs or what you will do with other partners. For now the brand has developed this idea and believes that transport persons by air is more cost effective and economical than doing so by land, as until now.

we’ll see how the company is located in San Francisco develops this idea and if you have a real prospect of becoming a reality or an idea taken from a science fiction movie.

Source – Uber