Uk will ban the sale of cars diesel and petrol in 2040

In 2040 no longer be sold to vehicles with diesel engine or petrol in the Uk. In addition, over the next 20 years we will add restrictions to the circulation of this type of vehĂ­uclos.

Dand according to the ads, most recent, we know that in a little more than 20 years say good bye to the cars as we know them today, with the arrival of technologies driving autonomous and the advancement of the alternative energy.

Uk adds to the current trend and announces an ambitious plan for end with internal combustion engines, not only diesel, but also gasoline, 2040.

The project aims to not only ban the sale of vehicles with a combustion engine, but in addition to bet by eliminating the hybrids and plug-in hybrids, which means that it may be marketed only in the Uk cars electric or powered by alternative energies such as hydrogen.

But it doesn’t end there, as not only did we talk about a project that will enter into force in little more than 20 years, but that by 2040 we will add restrictions to the circulation of vehicles with internal combustion engine, that will make it untenable to use.

The project envisages lcreation of new fees and taxes that will affect owners of vehicles with diesel engines or gasoline that use the pathways with the highest degree of pollution in the country. In addition to expected measures more drastic as the prohibition of circulation vehicles more polluting in situations or specific sites.

The details are still not known, but the proposal of Uk is going in the same direction as other similar terms that we have already known in other countries of Europe as France or Norway and which in the coming years is expected to be applied in countries such as Germany, Italy or Spain.