Ultra-rare copy of the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C original for sale


One of the rare Shelby Cobra 427 S/C.

there are too many models american classics whose value exceed one million dóalres, but this is certainly one of them. The Shelby Cobra 427 is without a doubt one of the models most copied of all times, today there are still numerous companies that manufacture and market replicas of this model, so it is quite more common to find us with a copy fake with an authentic one.

In fact, the authentic copies of this model are very scarce, not only because it was manufactured during a short period of time few decades ago, but because it was made a few dozens of units, so that its dramatic nature, we must add its extreme rarity.

If the Shelby Cobra 289 original, equipped with a V8 engine Ford-289 cubic inches (4.74 liters) was already very competent, when Carroll Shelby decided to add a V8 Big block 427 (7.0-liter) just became a wild thing. In their specifications of competition (his real goal) this block 427 source Ford gave little more than 500 horses, which in the bare-bones frame of the Cobra was a recipe of the most radical.


Been absolutely flawless.

The intention of Shelby was the create a version of competition, the more radical, so we had to modify the chassis the original Cobra 289, from a Bristol, to increase its width and to accommodate new suspension and wider tires, as well as the block of greater size and weight.

The original idea was to get the approval of the FIA, but when the inspectors of the federation went on to perform the due inspection it was found that Shelby had only made 51 of the 100 frames needed, so that they had never received such an approval. Many of these racks are made versions of the street, keeping a large part of your settings of competition, to be identified by the abbreviation “S/C” Semi-Competition”, as is the case of this unit with the number of chassis CSX 3040.

This unit has already passed through several hands but its condition is absolutely flawless, not in vain passed recently by the hands of Mike McCluskey, well-known specialist on the model, which underwent many treatments to restore the status that came out of the factory Shelby in the sixties. Today account with all its original elements, including all the body panels, and instrumentation, so it is normal that the estimates will point to a value between 2.0 and 2.4 million dollars.