Unanimous support from the riders to the letter of the GPDA


From a while ago
many are pilots who express their concern over the direction that
has taken the Formula 1 in the past years and, above all, by the
mode of taking decisions in a seemingly random order.

in this regard, several
pilots expressed to the press shifted to Bahrain its full support
to the letter. Fernando Alonso was very clear, stating that
letter says it all
. We love this sport, love it so much that we believe
maybe in the last few years we’ve had movements to left
and right without a clear direction
, and try to help in some of
the things that the fans want, that the pilots want, that
sponsors want”
. To
nevertheless, the Spanish did not wanted to point out to no one, focusing more
at the expiration of the system more than in men that run.
“I Think Bernie , Jean , all the world is
do as best you can, but the system is, in some way,
something old in terms of decision making”

Nico Rosberg
spread with this matter, expressing clearly your point of view
and how worried he is about the discontent that fans
are showing:
“We are all united because we love the sport and we can see that
fans are criticizing some aspects that we could
do better. Could be more interesting as a sport and us
asked if the government of the F1 could review the process of
decision making
to try to find a point at which we can
make better decisions and improve the interest of the sport”
later with some examples of situations that are
being of a very questionable: “There are
recent examples, such as the classification, with which the
fans are not happy. Even the rules for the next
years. we Run to the fans, mainly because they

Other as Felipe Massa
-that is not a member of the association – or Romain Grosjean, supported the
position of Alonso and Rosberg. The
brazilian made clear that he was “completely
of agreement, all the pilots we are united with respect to the letter
you have seen
. We simply want to be part of the change. For
improve the sport”
, while
the French referred to the accident Alonso to emphasize the
importance of the situation: “Fernando
summed it up very well. You have broken ribs and I wanted to run
because we love the sport. We are fans of the Formula 1, we want to be
the best we can with the best drivers, the best cars,
the best of show”

Before the claims
Charlie Whiting in the claimed not to understand that the pilots
to claim more attention and
then you don’t show to many of the meetings
Rosberg said that “I was in the meeting of Barcelona, not
I was able to go to an event of Pirelli for the sponsors. I think
our life is so and unfortunately, it is very difficult to gather
all the pilots
. I think Alex and the directors of the GPDA
have been trying to different
methods before the letter was sent
. We are not saying that
we have the solution, just trying to help as much as possible to
to find the best solution”

One of the pilots
does not belong to the GPDA and which has at times been reluctant to see
the utility of the same, Lewis Hamilton, has also shown his
support to the letter. “I’m Not a member of the GPDA. What
I was done
some years ago, but
I chose not to follow.
But I was in the meeting when we all sat down together. We are
together, there are
occasions in which it is necessary to a united front, and this was one of them