Uncertainty with the Cup of Private Pilots of the WRC


the FIA and The manufacturers have just a month and a half to formalize the backbone of the new Cup of Private Pilots of the WRC. The format, your calendar and the availability of sale or rental of the various World Rally Car of the present generation are three unknowns that must be resolved before the World Council at the Engine end of the month of November. There are few pilots that are very attentive to this Cup WRC to negotiate with their sponsors or even with the manufacturers to gain a foothold in the contest in 2017.

Intended for private pilots, as its own name indicates, the Cup WRC will not be designed on the full calendar of the World, so it is logical to think in a similar format to the current WRC2 with a maximum of evidence to dispute or a calendar closed is similar to that which has for example the JWRC, with a specific number of rallies designated. The format is another point to solve, since the private pilots want this Cup WRC have great visibility and even a specific prize. To date, to compete with a World Rally Car private was synonymous with darkness.

These doubts generate that private pilots have stops their negotiations with sponsors, teams and brands. However, riders like Martin Prokop working to have a World Rally Car of new generation, while men and Lorenzo Bertelli or Kevin Abbring are waiting to know the limits of the Cup for Private Pilots of the WRC to agree to your association or break-up with M-Sport and Hyundai. However, Hyundai, Citro├źn and M-Sport seem to be willing to rent or sell their cars, while Volkswagen has no interest in this formula. What is clear is that many interests are deposited in the Cup WRC.