Uncovered the latest versions explosive Holden HSV


The unit orange could be the expected HSV GTS-R W1 2017.

Have appeared on the network some pictures of what seem to be new versions prepared for HSV, the division of sport Holden, and that as this, will say goodbye this year from the models derived from the platform Zeta, the Commodore and its derivatives of traction in the rear, by the cessation of production in Australia.

a few weeks Ago, we announced that Holden had been in contact with their clients to offer three new special editions to dismiss the range Commodore rear-wheel-drive. By the statements of the customers themselves, these would have specific finishes and high-performance material, and receive the denominations Bathurst Edition, Director and Magnum. Although it did not filter more details or specifications of these versions.

At that time also mentioned to the division HSV, which is the responsible of the versions most brutal and sports of the range Holden, so that neither can we ensure that the models appearing in the images really correspond with the above-mentioned editions of farewell.


Drive in the new Spitfire Green.

By what you see in the images, which have appeared in Photobucket, there are several models that seem to have newness in the aesthetic plane, although the lightweight camouflage available – even in the tire – prevents us from be able to discern the differences. The most obvious is the inclusion of new colors to the palette.

These colors come with suggestive names, such as green Spitfire Green, gray Are of Gun Grey and the orange Light My Fire Orange (the name of one of the most renowned songs of the group The Doors).

Precisely the vehicle that appears in the color Light My Fire Orange seems to have been covered with more care, since there are even camouflage in the trunk, perhaps to hide the new wing. This model could be the expected HSV GTS-R W1 2017.


The camouflage is mild, but not let us see the developments.

this is believed to be the swan song of the model HSV, and that would be the venerable V8 engine LS9 6.2-liter that we could find in the Corvette C6 ZR1. This block was supercharged and had 647 PS (638 hp).

rumors prior suggest that the GTS-R W1 2017 would be limited production, only a few hundred with a price of around of the 170,000 australian dollars, approximately 117.000 euros, which become ipso facto in the Holden Commodore’s most expensive and powerful built for road.