Under this camouflage hides the B-SUV of SEAT, the little brother of the Ateca

B-SUV SEAT - foto espía

The front of the new B-SUV of SEAT, the “little brother” of the SEAT Ateca.

If at the end of the last month of July we were able to photograph again on a mule of trials in the future B-SUV SEAT, now we have news of this highly anticipated model. And is that, thanks to our photographers, we will show you the first unit fully camouflaged of this new model that we could well define as the “little brother” of the SEAT Ateca. If something gives them good SEAT is camouflaged prototypes testing.

Unfortunately, the camouflage with which this unit is adorned prevents us to catch a glimpse of some of the aesthetic details that will follow this new model. And the truth is that it is a shame because all indications are that under the camouflage, it hides the final model. That is to say, would already be finished. Yes, as well we have been anticipating exclusively in Engine.is, we already know many of the general aspects of this new compact SUV.

The new B-SUV SEAT, which for the moment we do not know the name, will be mounted on the MQB platform of Volkswagen. An architecture that will allow you to have a size larger than that of the SEAT Ibiza or VW Golf. Therefore, exceed 4,25 meters long. A key factor to expect a spacious interior and a luggage compartment that offers a capacity of load generous for its segment.

B-SUV SEAT - foto espía

Under this camouflage is the ultimate design of this new model. Unknown is his name.

¿When it will come to the market? If we attend to the business plans of the SEAT for the next year, the launch of this “baby Ateca” would be set for the summer of 2017. Something that would ratify the information that we have and that, as we say, suggest that under all the camouflage of the photographed unit is the finished model. It will be a model which is very important to SEAT, and on which sustain much of its growth for the next few years.

on the other hand, it is important to note that this new model will be manufactured at the plant that SEAT has in Martorell, in the province of Barcelona. Its design and development has also taken place in Spain.