Under this Lincoln MKZ is hidden a Faraday Future production

Faraday Future - foto espía

In the bowels of this Lincoln MKZ is hidden the first production model of Faraday’s Future.

Enigmatic. Without a doubt, it is the adjective suitable to describe these spy pictures here. But, before you put us in context, we must look back and remember a prototype that the guys of Faraday Future presented earlier this year during CES 2016. We talk about the FFZERO1, a conceptual model of electric vehicle whose design has been taken to unsuspected limits.

But, what relates to the FFZERO1 with this mule of evidence that we see in the spy photos? Because, according to our information, no. And is that, although you may read in other places that here would be the first test of what will be in your day a production version of the concept of power, the truth is that the reality is quite different. All of this if finally the project of launching a production vehicle Faraday’s Future comes to fruition.

Taking a look at these spy photos in which we see a mule tests for Faraday’s Future, we realize that has been taken as a basis, a Lincoln MKZ “pre-restyling” since not long ago the aforementioned model received an overhaul with various new features. It is a model that is sold in the united States and in China, a fact that we must have very in account as we will see later.

Faraday Future - foto espía

After the prototype FFZERO1, Farady Future starts testing of its first production car.

The fact is that Faraday Future is using a Lincoln MKZ as the basis for its first production vehicle. A electric car that could have one or more engines thanks to the modular architecture that will be used. On the other hand, it is also interesting to note that in the month of June, Faraday’s Future, was approved by the State of California to begin testing of its prototypes and, in this case, mules testing, on roads open to traffic.

Returning to the fact that we have given on the Lincoln MKZ, we can relate it with the fact that it is a model marketed in two of the main markets that you will have Faraday’s Future once you get to the market its first model: China and the united states. In addition, it is also noteworthy to mention the fact that there is a hybrid variant of the model of Lincoln, something that would facilitate its use as a mule of evidence of a future electric car.

Another of the great promises that he made in his time, the company is your vehicle will have driving systems and different technologies focused on the issue. Although it is too soon to venture dates, we know that in Faraday’s Future are doing everything possible to introduce its first production model sometime next year 2017. In addition, the company also would negotiate to be able to produce it in California.