United Autosports aims to enter the Top5 in Daytona

24 hours of Daytona in which you will race Fernando Alonso with the team of Zak Brown, United Austosport not seem too encouraging for the american team. Despite the fact that have garnered successes in career européas, the appointment of the american will not be presented as an easy race due to the performance they have shown in practice that have been given a few days ago and the LMP2 has not been shown as the most competitive and the own Fernando Alonso wanted to have a better car for the race, otherwise it would be complicated.

Zak also has spoken and has not given too much hope of victory, but expect to be in the Top5. That will be the target of Fernando Alonso for the famous endurance race of the american, be among the 5 fastest riders. So that rules out the victory for the problems they have encountered and despite having a good team of pilots, the performance of the car does not seem sufficient and the complexity of the race could leave them even further behind if there are problems, so everything has to go just right to be in this aim…

If you expect to see Fernando Alonso winning the appointment american it seems that you’ll have to settle for with this. We need to be attentive to see if they can extract a little more the engineers of the car for qualifying and the race, but it seems complicated with the GT. The cars have been particularly competitive with the LMP2 and that they have been caught a little by surprise, although in the race you can perhaps have some advantages. We’ll see.

This Thursday in the circuit Daytona in Florida will accommodate the first round with some training and a classification for the Saturday. We need to be attentive to what makes United Autosport with Fernando Alonso but like in the Indy 500 seemed possible the victory of the rookie Alonso, here it will be very hard for them. There are 50 cars very compatitivos and teams with riders with many years of experience against a Fernando and his companions were not so used to these cars, so they need luck on their side.

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