United States grand Prix 2015: Schedule of relay

GP de Austin Us GP F1 matches this 2015 in the weekend that changed the timetable, for this reason, you have to be careful not to fall into error and we lose the race. As you know, will run in the Austin track, a new track that is sure to bring us a good show and where we hope that the spaniards have better luck than in the past GP of Russia. Remember that there will again be two, because Roberto Merhi won’t run, replaced by Alexander Rossi.

Will be the 37th time to hold a GP on american soil, but it is the third that runs on this layout of Austin. We have previously held in other 7 circuits, such as Indianapolis or the more veteran, Watkins Glen. Vettel and Hamilton have been the only winners, if not removed, Rosberg or there’s some unforeseen, Hamilton has it all to return to repeat in the path of the U.S. Although for the sake of the championship, Rosberg should and have to win all the races to be eligible for champion…

Circuito de AustinTo be a circuit extra-european, the schedules are somewhat different to which we are accustomed. We can enjoy the sessions in the afternoon. And I hope that this time change will also change the reliability and performance of the Honda engine, which will probably introduced in the car of Alonso with those changes of the 4 tokens tested in Russia. Button will have to wait until the next GP, and does not even have clear whether it will implement Alonso or should wait. It all depends on the data collected by Honda.

Turned to repeat, remember that in Spain the time is changed in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday, that is to say, once past the 12:00 full Sunday, October 25, you will need to adjust your watch to the 3:00 am will be 2:00am. So that is one step ahead this time, and you have to be alert if you do not want to miss the race, because the other sessions are not affected by the time change.

Times of retransmission

Day Hours (Spain) Event Channel
Friday, October 23, 16:55 free practice 1 Mega or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Friday, October 23, 20:55 free practice 2 Mega or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Saturday, October 24, 16:55 free practice 3 Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Saturday, October 24, 19:45 Prior To Classification Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer
Saturday, October 24, 20:00 Classification Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV
Sunday, October 25, 19:30 Pre-Race Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer
Sunday, October 25, 20:00 Race Antenna 3 or AtresPlayer / TV3 / MovistarTV

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